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Qwiiz is a brand new web-based quiz game that uses the very latest technologies to bring you a truly engaging massively multi-player experience. No downloads are required and it's totally free, just and you're good to go.

Experience all the fun and action of a bar or pub quiz machine with a difference - instead of playing on your own you'll be pitting your wits against hundreds of other people in real-time.


Qwiiz is being designed to run on any platform that supports a browser, which means that you will be able to play it from the comfort of your living room couch, office chair (at lunchtimes of course) and even during your daily commute.

There's no need to install any plugins, just make sure you have a fairly recent browser and a reasonably fast connection to the internet.


Qwiiz is still in beta but we initially plan to have hundreds of players competing simultaneously. Winning or ranking highly will earn you Qwiidz which can be exchanged for prizes.


Each Qwiiz consists of 30 questions and a choice of 4 answers. You have around ten seconds to answer and the time you take counts! In the case of a draw the player who has taken the least time to answer correctly will finish higher up on the leaderboard. All questions are broadcast to each player simultaneously and the answer is relayed back to the player only when the ten seconds has elapsed.


You will be able to exchange the Qwiidz you earn for prizes in the Qwiiz Store.

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